He Won’t Eat Me… Will He?

Quote from Nicholas at the Academy of Sciences on Tuesday. 

Also, “Nice to meet you Mister Starfishy.”


I heard huge laughs and a happy dog in the other room. This is what they were up to. 

Another successful dog park outing this morning…

And a great visit at the vet! Friday is the big shave-down to get rid of his furry mats (from being in the cone so long) and to make his leg match the rest of him. 

These kids yuck it up on a daily basis and, although they do fight a little more than they used to, it’s mostly all love and sweetness for each other. 

First Dog Park Outing Since the Broken Leg

Simba should get his final clean bill of health tomorrow, but this morning, before school, Nicholas and I took him to the dog park for 30 minutes of happiness.

His whole body was excited to be out with the dogs for the first time in 5 long weeks. He kept whimpering with gratitude.

Now, he’s chewing on a bone by my side, remembering what the good life feels like.

This Friday he’ll be shaved down to match his leg. I still can’t get over the little bootie of fur they left on his paw.
Matt is on the road this week – only his third trip in 2016, it’s great!

We had one of Julia’s best Kindergarten friends, Elaiyah, over while her mom had an evening meeting.

They are the happiest, funniest, kindest kids, and I love seeing them play together.

They made up math homework for themselves.

Sprout stretch!

Of course Nicholas needed some busy work while the girls played, so I was happy to have him as my kitchen buddy. This Sunday is our cooking co-op and I’m just trying to get ahead since our weekend is packed.

In less fun news, the blinds the previous owner installed have been great. In fact, they were the same Hone Depot cheapies we installed in our own apartment. In SF, most windows are odd sizes, so it’s nice to have the Hone Depot guy slice your blinds to perfection.

However, they are completely falling apart.

Most of our front windows look like this.

We can’t raise or lower our blinds like we used to every day. Time for a better solution.

The new solution might not happen for another year, but I’m starting the hunt.

Good Friends and Good Times

Matt and I stole away from home on a Monday night to eat with great friends. All current or past coworkers. 

Who did we happily run into by accident? Bestie Chris, and now we’re having the entire Seidensticker clan over for dinner Saturday night. Julia and Shaela have been missing each other a lot. 

Julia and I can’t get over this beautiful piece of art made from deflated purple balloons and purple cupcake liners. 

The stitches are out! The cone is gone! Simba is doing well (but not allowed to jump – hahaha). After so many weeks with a cone on, his fur is completely matted. Next week he’s getting a serious cut and brush, before it starts to hurt his skin. Ugh, this part might be worse than his broken leg. 

Other cute sights lately:


Julia has had a bad chest cold and is under the care of her doctor. She was able to play in Saturday’s soccer game but she did get whalloped in her chest. Talk about bad timing. It knocked the air out but this toughie got back in the game after some mommy hugs. 

Matt and I had a fun night with friends recently. This was a progressive dinner party. No heels allowed on these hills. 

Our favorite food of the night was little fish sandwiches where you got to take an ampule of hot sauce and inject it straight into the fish. Need to remember that one. 

Hello, beauties. My most favorite flower. 

Every day they keep getting better and better. 

Matt was away most of last week so we couldn’t stop hugging him when he came to Friday’s soccer practice. 

Julia had a PJs and a movie night at school. They watched Inside Out and had a blast. 

This meant that Nicholas had mom and dad all to himself. 

Then, we visited a friend’s MFA graduation exhibit and we all loved seeing the various artists. Note this was Julia’s fourth outfit on the day (school, soccer, pj party, art exhibit).

We’re down to one nap a month, give or take a few, and I really thought these days of falling asleep in my arms were over. But I got one last delicious nap while hugging him today during Julia’s swimming class. 

And then I remembered why my back and arms were happy to say goodbye to this in the first place. 

I had the pleasure of attending Julia’s daily Morning Meeting. They did so much big thinking, math, social skills, reading, writing, and exploration in the first hour of the day than I thought was possible. So exciting.  Can I please go back to kindergarten? 

She had fun cookie decorating with her 4th grade big sister. These two are so in love and happy together. 

Other merriment this week:

Lastly, we made a delicious salmon bowl for dinner that I don’t want to forget. 

Camping and a Happy Mother’s Day

It’s an annual tradition: every class at Julia’s school goes camping once a year. Nothing fancy, bring your own tent. Families, brothers, dogs — everyone’s invited.

We were a bit soaked after camping in the rain, but it was a blast.


Good morning, sunshines. Welcome to wet sleeping bags, wet shoes… and a drive home after breakfast. We were technically in wine country, but really we were just at a KOA campground in Cloverdale, in the middle of nowhere. It was about 1.5-2 hours to drive from our home.


On Saturday morning, Matt and the kids surprised me with an amazing early Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.


Love you guys and love you, Daddy.

Fun Stuff

We’ve been having a great week and last weekend was really hot, hot, hot. We put the hose on the mist setting and ran around for a few minutes to cool off.

This weekend the temps are back in the 50’s-60’s and, guess what? All the Kindergarten families are going camping together!  Waking up in a tent on Sunday morning… all of us moms aren’t sure what we did to deserve this Mother’s Day treat.:)

This was Spirit Week at school. I missed getting photos a couple of days but here’s “When I grow up I want to be…”

“Crazy Hair and free dress…”

Today was Field Day for the two “teams,” red and gold. Julia’s on the red team for her entire 9 years. So fun. Except for the part that it drizzled all day, but that didn’t stop them from having a great day.

Simba’s doing really well. Almost too well, it’s hard to stop a pup that feels good, even though his leg is still very much in the healing phase. His stitches come out on Thursday and the surgeon will examine him and take some new X-rays to check how his two broken bones are doing. Fingers crossed on Thursday that we can take off the cone.

On Tuesday, Matt was away for the night so the three of us went to a 4:00 movie. So fun!!

Our garden designer came for a check-up and our new hedge is growing as well as we all hoped it would. Thank goodness we brought in a professional, because we would have picked all the wrong things that would have required too much water.

The really fun thing about last weekend was our preschool’s annual fundraiser. This year I was the speaker at the Raise the Paddle moment, and I’m happy to say the entire night was a record breaker. Phew!

We fully funded Nature Bridge, Teacher Barb, the curated books program for the youngest class, sending all our teachers to an annual conference, AND refurbishments around the school. As the chair of the board, this makes me very relieved and very happy for the teachers, kids, and the entire school.


I tried my best with my hair, but without Farah Fawcett layers, the curls didn’t quite have that disco flip. HOWEVER, Julia said, “MOM, YOU LOOK LIKE ME!!” That made it all worth it.



All of the dads were exceptionally handsome.:)


That’s Nicholas’ little silhouette in the bottom left corner, behind the square sign. But how cool is this – it’s every child in the school.


Here’s the silent auction area… that’s me in the front right with a good friend, Susan.


disco up

Two of Nicholas’ three teachers: the amazing teachers Toko and May



tent2disco ball

Feliz Cumpleaños 

In other news… Back on March 21, Grammy and Ed gave Matt a nice envelope of the good stuff for his 40th. But more wonderful gifts were given when we were in Florida that are perfectly Matt. It’s like you’ve known him for 20 years, mom.😉

Rum from Cuba! He thinks it’s one of the best he’s had (he did some comparisons to the one we brought back from Costa Rica) and it’s something Matt has hoped to try for a very long time. He tries to buy rum or the local spirit most everywhere he travels in the Americas and got hooked when he lived in Venezuela. 

He also received Cuban coffee that Grammy got from a coffee farm  and a cigar. Thank you, Grammy, for using so much of your allotment of what you were allowed to bring back for Matt.