Feliz Cumpleaños 

In other news… Back on March 21, Grammy and Ed gave Matt a nice envelope of the good stuff for his 40th. But more wonderful gifts were given when we were in Florida that are perfectly Matt. It’s like you’ve known him for 20 years, mom.😉

Rum from Cuba! He thinks it’s one of the best he’s had (he did some comparisons to the one we brought back from Costa Rica) and it’s something Matt has hoped to try for a very long time. He tries to buy rum or the local spirit most everywhere he travels in the Americas and got hooked when he lived in Venezuela. 

He also received Cuban coffee that Grammy got from a coffee farm  and a cigar. Thank you, Grammy, for using so much of your allotment of what you were allowed to bring back for Matt. 

The Wall Fall

The wall pictured below was Simba’s fall from grace. Or I should say his enthusiastic jump from grace that ended in the worst howl and a floppy arm. 

These two photos were taken on a different day. 

I carried Simba and Nicholas was a trooper walking a long distance, but we made it to the car and headed straight to the vet. Here is a picture from the actual day, once Simba had calmed down. 


His surgery was quick, he’s in a lot less pain now that his bones are back together. Simba is now the proud owner of a plate in his leg and ten pins that are just a millimeter big. 

The big new, no cast needed. On the other hand, no jumping, running, stairs, or off leash time for two weeks. And then another four weeks of conservative behavior. 

Wish us luck with that part. 

He’s resting happily at home, has good pain meds and a little sedation to help us out (we can get more sedation if we decide we need it). 

He has another X-ray is four weeks and his stitches cone out in two weeks. If the stitched area looks good, he can take off the cone. 

The gates are back up all around the house. It’s time to carry this guy around. On the plus side, he’s willing to walk a short distance to go potty and he can bear some weight on his leg already. 

Ah, Simba. 


We fed crickets to a friend’s frog last night. Those frogs are fast! Who knew?

I keep forgetting she got this big. 

Give us your ice cream and nobody gets hurt. 

Thank you for your donations to our preschool, grandparents. Xoxo

We went to the zoo two times in two weeks. 

We brought our beach treasures from Florida into preschool. 

We seized the opportunity to run through the Academy of Sciences right after school. We said goodnight to all the animals and might have been the last guests to leave the building. 

We had a great time playing with one of Julia’s dearest K friends, Elayah 

Soccer is back. 

We forced the kids to watch one of the early Star Wars movies. 

We are finally taking Simba off-leash in some of Fletcher’s old spots. Playing with other dogs is great fun and great exercise for him. 

Other cute shots from the past two weeks:

Anna, the love of his life at the moment. 


Yesterday we were swimming with dolphins, living free and in the wild. Today we’re back in SF already planning our next visit. 

Grammy and Ed, thank you for always giving us an all-expenses covered date night when we’re together. It’s soooo nice. 


Meanwhile, the babysitters went fishing. 

Hi, boat parade. 


We had delicious local stone crabs for our last dinner at mom’s house. Deeeelish. 


Our last full day, Friday, was warm but overcast and that was completely ok with us. 
The highlight of this morning: Dolphins!! What did we do? Swim out to them, of course (not to touch but to hear their clicks and play a bit). In picture #2 below that’s Matt’s head on the right. 






On Friday night we packed up our suitcases and headed out to a fun spot. 


Thank you Grammy and Ed for your hospitality and thank you Longboat Key for the swell time. 

Beach. Pool. Beach. Repeat 

We’re on a heavenly repeat all week. The ocean temp is in the 70’s, the pool temp is in the 80’s, and mom keeps making the yummiest fresh fish and seafood for us. 






Our sand castle made it through the night!