Nicholas is painfully adorable lately. It’s his age, it’s because Julia’s getting older so his age feels more profound, it’s because he’s our grand finale. 

It all adds up to Matt and I giving each other knowing looks approximately ten times a day, as if to say, “my god this child is adorable.”

Yesterday we were early picking up Julia and had to wait outside at school, so I tried to capture some of that cutie-ness. 

This morning he showed me his bones q-tip project. This is SO Nicholas. Most other kids concentrated on squeezing in all the bones with lots of tiny pieces in dizzying patterns. A great approach. 

He focused on one area and made it as perfect as possible. 

He named his skeleton Spooky. 

Parties and More Parties

It’s Tuesday and I still need a nap from the weekend’s festivities. 

Friday night we cohosted a fun event for Julia’s school that we sold tickets to at last year’s fundraiser. We raised $1,200 and hosted dinner for 16 people at our friends’ house, the Tans. It was super casual and we got a compliments for that. Phew!

It was called Local Edition and featured an awesome restaurant’s BBQ that we carried out in large trays, Matt’s home brews on tap and in large bottles, flowers by me and Nicholas, and local ice cream from popular Humphrey Slocombe. 

Shenley and Andy Walker (Son of Bill Ahlstrand’s bestie) signed up so that we could get to know each other. It was so fun!

Julia and Chris, our cohosts. You may remember we all went to Tahoe together last year. 

I made these menus for Matt’s home brews. Look how much he made for this!!! We even hauled over the kegerator to the Tan’s house so guests could experience the fun pouring their own beer (you’d be surprised how much people enjoy this part). 

Matt was invited to be a judge at a beer festival early Saturday morning. That’s a champion right there. More beer, anyone?

Saturday night we went to a mystery dinner. Last year we hosted one, this year we attended. All the interested parents in Julia’s grade sign up for a time and we  were emailed the address the night before. No pictures, just fun. Lots of babysitters for julia and her friends this weekend. 

Sunday morning we had eight great friends over for a preschool event: how to brew with Matt. How about some more beer?!? This one raised about $700. 

Our flowers and brews did double duty this weekend. Maybe we were party planning geniuses after all?!

I made lunch and Matt led us all in a fantastic tasting of a large variety of beers. No one wanted to leave. 

Other recent sights around the house and around town. 

The things he puts up with…

No buddy, I don’t think I can sew this one. 

Oh, AND THEN… I was lucky enough to be invited to an event for the next President of the United States. 

My dear friend, Nichole, and I had to keep pinching ourselves. 

Group hug! Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Hillary. 

Diane and Hillary were the smartest people in the room. Whatever lingering doubt I had, she’s the real deal. 

It was a remarkable day, a remarkable week, and all so much fun. 

Pumpkins, Blue Angels and School at Mom’s Office

When it’s Indigenous People / Columbus Day and both kids are off from school, it means kids at the office. They made it from 9-4, they were actually pretty great.

It helps when your office is interesting, has a candy bar, and is full of kid-loving adults.

And then, it was time to run around outside and go home.

The Blue Angels were in town for the annual Fleet Week celebrations. Dogs and sleeping babies were terrorized by their deafining noise, but it’s still pretty cool to see them buzzing around the city all week.

We got “set up” with a friend of cousin Katie’s who recently moved here from Chicago and the two of us could have talked for hours. But it was SO HOT on Saturday!!

Look at this line for ice cream.

Nicholas, Julia and I woke up early on Sunday to beat the crowds at the Half Moon Bay pumpkin patches. We missed you this year, Grammy.

Every year I spend the same amount of money but I swear I’m getting more and more pumpkins. It helps, of course, that the farmer comes up to your wagon and says, “How about $50 for all of this?” and I try not to jump up and down and say this would cost quadruple at Trader Joe’s.

Look at this pumpkin problem habit I’m passing on to my children. They are equally into the fun lately.

We headed a little farther south on the coast to Cal Poly’s organic apple orchard. Their students use this small orchard as an outside classroom and it was just the right size for us. We walked away with about ten tiny apples, which ended up being nice for our little hands. No apple pies, though.

Daddy missed this fun because he was having some other fun. Golfing. It’s a rare treat for him. It was the annual work tournament and his team tied for second.

Now we’re ready for Halloween but also ready for Thanksgiving.

It was time to take advantage of a hot day and some grey water. The kids earned $1 each for helping. Yes, those are real ghosts on our spooky house! The kids demanded we step it up this year.

We have a big weekend ahead full of hosting and attending parties. We experimented with some cocktail recipes. This fresh whiskey sour sure beats a bad bar drink and felt pretty good on a hot Sunday night.

Haircut alert!

Other scenes from the week. I mean, really.

Sweet Moment

Dogs are a non-judgemental audience when you’re working on reading. Julia’s school works with the SPCA to bring in dogs to first graders so they can practice their reading. 

We thought we should try it at home. I was quickly shoo’d away, but you could tell Julia loved her captive audience and simba loved the attention. 

While we’re on the topi of Julia, her birthday list includes lots and lots of legos like this:

So far she’s been a rockstar putting together sets Nicholas received for his birthday. But wrecking balls and volcanoes are cool to him, less so to her. 

She is long overdue for a bigger bike and so we are going to get a new one for Christmas or her bday, we’re still figuring that out. 

Matt has researched this for about a year and, I’m not going to lie, it’s a pricey bike, but she’s at the age where this one will last for a while now. Matt loves that she loves it. We’re starting a collection for that (ha!) and Matt is trying REALLY hard to convince Julia that green is a cooler color than pink  so that we can reuse it. Oh boy. 

Birthday Snack at School

Every family is invited to bring a healthy-ish school snack to preschool when it’s your child’s birthday (meaning no cupcakes with frosting, but yes to banana muffins and cut fruit). My mom joined me last year. Matt was able to make it this year – his first, whoo hoo!

It’s pretty adorable. Nicholas does NOT like the attention and there is everyone, smiling and looking right at him, honoring him. He dies. We die. 

This was four years ago. 


Now look at all the cool things he did at school last week. 


Nicholas is 4!

Sunday was his birthday and we are still smiling from a great weekend. 

Saturday was filled with soccer. 

A much needed birthday haircut 

Julia and I, along with some serious help from a Paw Patrol decal, made Nicholas’ birthday cake. 

Sunday morning it was time to frost in our pjs. This was a box cake, jar of icing situation. Our only real creativity came in the form of sprinkles. 

We had a few of his best buddies over to play that morning. Everyone brought their Paw Patrol gear and we had a blast. 

Time for cake!

We had so much fun opening gifts. Thank you, everyone, for your generosity. Every gift was truly his favorite, it’s the benefit of his age. 

Quick, time for ballet!

We made it to the always awesome Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate park Saturday, but didn’t have the energy on Sunday. That’s one of the many reasons why we love the Seidenstickers, who made it to the concert on Sunday, we met them at our house for an impromptu pizza night instead. 

Megan had this beauty from when Matt and I stole away for a Sunday night to celebrate our 15th anniversary. This is when we dropped off the kids for a day of fun. We all look ecstatic for completely different reasons. 

And here’s another beauty, this one is from last week. Matt and I are going to explode with love for these two, I swear.