Home Improvements, Big and Small

We are the proud temporary owners of a port-a-potty and city permits to address some big projects we’ve been putting off for three years. 

First up, a new roof, which means a chance to install a giant skylight in our dark master bathroom. All of that starts Monday. 

Also, we already started work to address some mold and termites under the stucco. Our house was built in the 1920’s, this sort of stuff happens. We’re installing a vent under the bay windows to prevent further issues. 

Our favorite contractor is the best and we love having his monster truck around again. The last time he was here, Nicholas was just a few weeks old. 

On the little project front, I brightened up the guest bathroom with a much better light fixture. The Jetsons fixture the previous owner wasn’t cutting it on many levels. 

We keep putting off adding a bar for Matt’s kegs, so I did this in the meantime. I have no good shots of this…

“The Wiggle” is one of the bike routes Matt rides every day home from work. A popular local artist was cleaning out his studio and unloaded these “throwaway” test prints for $10 each. 

I added some hooks at the front door and a better umbrella bucket. Umbrellas and roofs, can you tell we’re hoping for El Niño to come through for us this year?


Happy Third Birthday

Is it possible for me, Matt, and Julia to love you more? No, it’s not. Our hearts literally burst around your cuteness every day, sweet little guy. 

Happiest 3rd Birthday. 

His morning banana muffin with a candle and one chocolate chip. We enjoyed more later in the morning at preschool. 


Time To Catch Up

Life has been very sweet lately. 








The tooth fairy is about to be overworked. 


Our stroller days are very few and far between, (and being sold off on Craigslist as fast as we can post them) but I was glad we still had this one when Nicholas decided to nap late one day. 

When kids make their own dinner it involves a complete set up and cereal. 


People are starting to wonder if Nicholas only owns one shirt. It goes from dryer to Nicholas to laundry every 12 hours, it’s going to be threadbare by 2016.  

Wild Kratts, Soccer

On Thursday night, all four of us had a blast. The Wild Kratts were amazing in person, sounding and acting exactly like the PBS show. They’re the real deal, no gimmicks at all, and brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the night. (This is PBS after all, they have no money event though they deserve it.)

Kids were hooting and hollering, parents were laughing, it was fun all around.

The best part for me and Matt is that we sat behind the kids and got to watch them laugh and clap together. Whatever Julia did, Nicholas did, it was really cute to us.

Meanwhile, these 8 weeks of soccer are proving to be a lot of fun. Every Friday afternoon we have practice and every Saturday we have a game with one bye week.  The games are two groups of 3-on-3 and no one keeps score.

Julia is #5

IMG_7481 IMG_7485 IMG_7488 IMG_7489 IMG_7490 IMG_7493 IMG_7497 IMG_7501 IMG_7504 IMG_7505 IMG_7506

Here’s today’s unofficial team photo with all the parent coaches and I think the girls are showing off their numbers.