Pie madness, pie progress — Saturday night

My humble refrigerator.

Friday I transformed lots of this

into this

That’s 50 disks of dough to make 25 double-crust pies.

Remember those containers of dry ingredients? One of the big guys, plus butter makes dough for one pie.

Friday I also picked up these

Those of you without children will say, oh how nifty, Betsy has time to be a mom, grocery shop and make 50 balls of dough. Motherhood must be amazing.

Those of you with children know better. It’s true, I used our nanny on my day off so that I could do all of this on Friday.

Today was peeling, peeling and more peeling. Followed by pie assembly. Matt took care of everything (baby, food, errands) so I could concentrate.

Thank goodness for friends. I think I look so tired in this picture and it was only 2pm.

By design, we made 16 pies tonight. Tomorrow morning we’ll get up early to make the last 8 pies. That way we’ll have some nice and fresh ones for the judges. Besides, we were too pooped tonight.

I’m waiting for the last 4 to come out of the oven right now (that’s why I had time to write this).

There goes the timer.

Good night everyone! Competition is from 3-6 pm PT tomorrow night. Whatever happens, it’s been fun.

2 thoughts on “Pie madness, pie progress — Saturday night

  1. Rita

    Awesome!! I just arrived here via eatthelove.com. These eye-popping photos speak volumes on the work you put in!

    Congratulations on your well-deserved winI

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